President University Buddhist Community

About KMB Ashokavardhana

KMB Ashokavardhana History

KMB Ashokavardhana appeared in November 2004 but there was no definite activity, while the name and logo of KMB had not yet been formed at that time. KMBA officially started in 2006 with the chairman of Eka Prasanya consisting of about 9 people. The thing that prompted the 2006 class to start is that only the Buddhist community has not been prominent in President University’s environment compared to other religious communities.

The name KMB Ashokavardhana itself was established in November 2007, and November 11 was set as the anniversary of KMB Ashokavardhana. The name of KMB Ashokavardhana itself was made from references to religious books and input from Eka Prasanya’s father.


Ashoka :
The name of a king who pioneered the religious tolerance life
A = no, soka = sad; Ashoka = not sad

Perisai :
blue and symbolizes protection for all mankind

3 tigers :
Symbolize the Tri Ratna, protecting humanity from suffering

Wings :
blue, sharing Dhamma to all directions

Cakra :
symbolizes Ashoka sharing the Dhamma


  • Able to develop an intelligent communities, have good behavior, and form creative and innovative students both externally and internally.
  • Able to enlighten and provide innovation to other Buddhist communities.


Provide facilities for President University students to be active in social activities and to collaborate with other universities in carrying out social and religious activities so that they can shape the character of each member to become a person who always follows the teachings of the Buddha.