President university buddhist community

Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhist Ashokavardhana

Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhist (KMB) is an organization which was formed by Buddhist students in university. In President University, the Buddhist organization is named KMB Ashokavardhana. KMB Ashokavardhana is engaged in the field of spiritual covering religious and social sector. KMB Ashokavardhana has been formed since November 2004 as an Official Buddhist community.

Latest Event

KMBA Lunar New Year 2023

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KMBA Comparative Study 2023

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Weekly Worship

We will attend weekly worship every Tuesday at 18.30 and every Sunday on 08.00. Every Tuesday we will gather on the university’s hall while on Sunday we will go to one of the monastery in Jababeka. Beside praying, the activity also involve Dhamma for Dummies (DfD), Dhamma sharing session by one of the KMBA cabinet member, followed by fun activities which will vary every week. 

Sport & Art (SpArt)

SpArt session is an activity which is held every Sunday. During this activites, SpArt which is Sport and Art division will invite KMB’ers to do some sports and also making arts. SpArt session is a very fun and interesting which also can make all of people who participate become more healthier and more creative.

Social Volunteer

Volunteer is an activity or project which KMBA members help many people that can give many benefit and result for those who needed help.

Movie Night

Movie night is an activity of watching movie together to bond each other and to have fun with another KMBA members.

Meet Our Advisor!
Andika Candra Jaya, B.SC.IT., M.Kom.

Namo Buddhaya.

Over the years KMB Ashokavardhana member never cease to amaze. Not only in terms of activity in the KMBA itself but also academically, there are always improvement, innovation, and achievement. Here’s to see more achievement to come, both within the KMBA itself and externally. Thank you for the hard work of every Buddhist President University student which has made KMBA strive until today.

Meet The Working Cabinet!

KMB Ashokavardhana Cabinets